As one of the most complex joints in the body, the wrist is more prone to pain than any other joint. In fact, if you are experiencing some discomfort in your wrist area, it’s not just you. Wrist pain is something that many people experience at some point in their lives. It can range from a low-level annoyance to an intense, debilitating condition that can affect your quality of life.

In addition to consulting your local chiropractor in Singapore, continue reading this article to get an idea of what could be causing the strain in your wrists:

Causes of Wrist Pain

Apart from injuries like sprains that can cause pain and inflammation, there are some less obvious causes that accumulate pressure in your wrists, resulting in pain. This includes:

1. Working on your laptop for long periods.

When typing on your laptop for long hours uninterrupted, this repetitive motion oftentimes leaves your wrists in a cramped position. If you start to feel numbness or tingling throughout your hand, it could be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, the result of pressure on the median nerve in your wrist from overuse or injury to the area around it. You may also feel weak in your thumb, index and middle finger, and struggle when it comes to gripping things at times.

Besides deskwork-related tasks, carpal tunnel syndrome is also a common case in a wide variety of jobs. If your job is of a repetitive nature and requires much hand movement such as the manual lifting of heavy load and assembly line work, you are more susceptible to the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This also includes hobbies like writing and playing video games for hours on end without taking any breaks.

2. Carrying your newborn in an awkward position

From cradling your baby to lifting him or her up, the lifestyle of a new mother can be exciting. However, the sudden overuse of your thumb muscles while tending to your newborn could lead to tenosynovitis. Also known as mother’s thumb, De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis causes swelling of the wrists. This happens when any of the tendons in your wrist becomes inflamed.

Add on the everyday routine of a housewife such as washing clothes, it is common to feel persistent discomfort in your wrists and hands, more so when you continue about your daily activities while the injured tendons are in the process of healing.

When you’re unable to hold your baby, a baby carrier can come in handy to ensure he continues to feel safe and comfortable while you rest your arms. To strengthen your body as you tend and watch over the needs of your little one, here are some stretches you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Relieving the Pain: What You Can Do

In conclusion, both tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are examples of repetitive stress injuries. In most cases, wrist pain will not be a sign of a prolonged or serious problem and can recover on its own.

To ensure a smooth recovery, avoid tasks that can aggravate the pain as a start. Once it feels better, make it a point to move your hands and wrists frequently in between tasks. This helps to maintain the range of movement of your wrists. For office workers, you can also get a wrist rest to provide your hands with the ergonomic support it needs. If you’re working from home, why not improve the ergonomics in your home office setup with these tips?

If the ache comes back from time to time, consider chiropractic care through Radial Shockwave Therapy to treat your condition. Besides wrist pain, here are some other musculoskeletal conditions that this treatment can help with. To explore how this type of treatment works as well as some things you should know before trying it out, find out more from your local chiropractor today.


At the end of day, just remember the harmful effects of a “text neck” and keep your neck healthy with these simple tips. They can surly improve your neck and spine health and overall quality of life.


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