Eat Your Way to Healthy Bones with these Food

Ever heard of the phrase “You are what you eat”? It may not look like it now but the things you eat do make a difference and will eventually be reflected in your health as you get older. It is thus important to stick to a healthy diet that will continue to benefit you in your later years. If you are reading this article, perhaps your bone health is starting to be of concern to you. Continue scrolling for some of the food you will need to eat your way to healthy bones:

Dairy products

1. Dairy

When you were younger, remember being constantly reminded to drink your milk in order to have strong bones? The same rule still applies even as you age.

Our body’s ability to absorb calcium decreases as we get older, making it all the more important to consume more calcium-rich food. Dairy foods such as milk, yoghurt and cheese are rich in calcium, which are essentially the building blocks of your bones. This means that by consuming dairy, it can make you less prone to age-related bone loss and osteoporosis. Dairy is also a good source of protein. It supplies your body with all the essential amino acids it needs to stay strong.

Dairy foods are easy to consume, so whether it is a midday food fix or a post-workout snack, it is easy to incorporate these foods into your everyday diet.

2. Green leafy vegetables

If you are lactose-intolerant, there are other alternatives to get your daily dose of calcium and this includes green leafy vegetables. Our bones get weaker as we grow older and when we do not consume enough nutrient-rich food, it can accelerate the process.

With that in mind, vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and kale not only contain calcium but are also high in magnesium and Vitamin K.

Green leafy vegetables

Switching up your diet may be hard at first, especially if you do not eat vegetables often. But make it a point to tweak your meals at times. You can still enjoy something delicious that’s good for your body. This simple practice will definitely pay off in the long run!

3. Protein

Protein is responsible for building and repairing your body tissues, preventing the risk of osteoporosis in the long run. While meat is undeniably a staple in our everyday meals, in order to get the most out of your meat intake, consider increasing your consumption of lean meat such as chicken and pork. Meat is a must-have if you want to strengthen your bones. A high protein diet can also increase your body’s calcium absorption.

Lean meat also contains Vitamin D, which is another key nutrient in strengthening your bones. And apart from meat, you can also get your boost of protein from tofu, beans and eggs. Ultimately, you have a variety of options to choose from to achieve healthier nutrition for your bones.


Beyond What You Eat

Now, you can feel more confident knowing that what you eat is benefiting you from within.

Other than diet, there are many other ways to work towards strong bone health. Adding these food products into your diet puts you in the right direction to having stronger bones. But to maintain them, it is also about adjusting your lifestyle habits and seeking appropriate treatment whenever necessary.

For instance, if you often experience discomfort such as lower back pain, it is advisable to consult a chiropractor rather than enduring the pain which may otherwise worsen as a result.


At the end of day, just remember the harmful effects of a “text neck” and keep your neck healthy with these simple tips. They can surly improve your neck and spine health and overall quality of life.


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