Dr Bryan Chen Pao Hung

Dr Bryan Chen Pao Hung

Doctor of Chiropractic
B. Chiropractic (New Zealand college of chiropractic)
B. Science (Hons) (University of Canterbury New Zealand)

Bryan’s Little Story

The story that changed my life…

When I was about 20 years old, I suffered serious lower back pain from a basketball injury. Someone knocked my lower back from behind while I was in the air. I laid in bed for about a week, thinking if I can ever get back on the basketball court again? The pain was unbearable. I took painkillers almost every day, and the side effects of these drugs caused me great difficulties in my daily life. I also went to consult several physiotherapists and acupuncturists. None of them provided the answer I was looking for i.e. “Can I get back on the basketball court again?” Finally, one of my close friends who was studying chiropractic at that time, told me about chiropractic. I had no idea what it was at that time. With some doubt in my mind, I went to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor explained to me what chiropractic is all about. He then adjusted my spine without giving me any drugs or painkillers. A week later, my lower back started to improve, and several weeks later I was able to play basketball again. Not only did I find the answer I was looking for but I also found the answer to my life: “I want to be a chiropractor.”

Being a chiropractor allows me to do what my chiropractor did to me when I was 20 years old i.e. helping people to get well and get back to an active lifestyle again. Chiropractic is all about treating your spine well and ensuring your nervous systems are “back online”. Without a proper functioning nervous system, our body will not be able to function well, and optimal health will not be achieved.

I have been in practice for almost 10 years, including 8 years in Singapore. The more I practice, I realise how different each individual is. Each individual is unique and this is the same philosophy when it comes to chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic spinal manipulation/adjustments will ensure our spine is in a well-aligned state. Our other joints such as shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankles can all be potentially affected due to our inactive lifestyles and these joints can also be treated with appropriate chiropractic treatments. With Chiropractic adjustments as the starting basis, together with additional treatments such as Spinal Decompressional therapy, Shockwave treatments, Electrode therapy and Spinal Rehabilitations, we will provide a full spectrum of care to treat various musculoskeletal problems in Singapore.

This is the main theme of Equilibrio Chiropractic in Singapore, “Balance”, where every single part of our body system is in harmony, and in sync with each other like a well conducted orchestra. This is what I want every single person who walks out Equilibrio Chiropractic to feel every time and this is what I want Chiropractic care to be about in Equilibrio Chiropractic. More details about myself:

  • 2005 Hammond Research Trust winner, with research project concentrate on patient’s balance with regular chiropractic care
  • 2005 Clinical Merit Award for high achievement in clinical practice during internship
  • Certified Radiographer of New Zealand National Radiology Laboratory (NZ NRL)
  • Team Chiropractor for Auckland Christian Youth Basketball team
  • Regular Speakers for New Zealand local organisations, such as New Zealand Chinese Association and Plunket (pregnant mothers organisation), topics including Geriatric
  • Spinal care, Diabetes with Chiropractic, Adult/Kid Posture Corrections, Office Ergonomics, and Sports-related injuries
  • Registered member of New Zealand chiropractic Board and New Zealand Chiropractic Association
  • Associated Chiropractor in Chiropractic First Singapore 2007-2011
  • Senior Chiropractor and Consultant in The Chiropractic Group (The chiropractic clinic) Singapore 2011-2015
  • ACE (American Council of Exercises) certified Personal Trainer
  • OMT certified Dry Needling practitioner

Dr Sasha Peier Zhong

Dr Sasha Peier Zhong

Doctor of Chiropractic
B. Chiropractic (New Zealand College of Chiropractic)
B. Science Biomedical sciences (University of Auckland)

Sasha’s Little Story

While I was younger, I had always grown up watching my parents work harder than anyone else to be able to provide the best for me and my sisters. Because my parents always worked so hard, their health started to change; they were always tired, physically and emotionally. This made me realized two things; Firstly, that my parents loved me and wanted to provide a better lifestyle and opportunity for me. Secondly, health is your asset, it is important that your body must be healthy so you will be able to continue providing for yourself as well as people that you love. Since then, I knew I wanted to be able to provide others what my parents have provided me by working in the health sector. I want to be able to help people improve their lifestyle, their bodies functionality and help them reach their health goals so that you can live a happier life. I strongly believe that in order to be able to look after others, one must be able to look after themselves first.

During the end of my High School studies, I struggled to decide upon a career in the health sector that would suit me until I heard about “Chiropractic”. At first, I did not know what this involved but as I did research, I spoke and observed local Chiropractic practitioners, I came to know that this is what I was looking for.

Moving on a few years after I have graduated, despite many sleepless nights from studying whilst learning and improving my own skills, I fell in love with this career and have never regretted it since. Being able to see patients improve through the care I have provided and the many loving compliments how chiropractic care has helped them in their daily lives is the best reward that I could receive. I fall deeper in love with what I do every day. My parents have looked after me, now it is my turn to be able to look after others through Chiropractic care.

I look forward to working with you and building a healthier you.

  • More information about me:
    • Proxime Accessit Award as a graduate in 2013
    • Registered member of New Zealand Chiropractic Board
    • Principle Chiropractor at Leon Pann Health centre (New Zealand)
    • Principle Chiropractor at The Boutique health centre (New Zealand)
    • Proficient in; Diversified, Gonstead, Toggle, Activator method and Drop Assist techniques
    • Australasia Certified Advanced Bio-Structural correction practitioner
    • Certified Sacro Occipital Technique Practitioner
    • Certified Dry Needling Practitioner
    • Basic Neuro Emotional Technique

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