I’ve visited this clinic and engaged their services. Dr Bryan and Dr Sasha is really professional and treated my neck problem which had been bothering me for a long time and they managed to make it more comfortable and I do not have stiff neck that often anymore.

Jeremy Peh

For the last 6+ months, I have been treated by Dr Sasha to proactively address posture and occasional back pain. She is knowledgeable and has been thorough with each and every treatment. I’ve received practical advice and exercises which have greatly helped. Highly recommend Sasha for concerns relating to back health.

Anthony Le

Dr Sasha have really good knowledge and informative when I went for the visit. She will get feedback and check on your progress on the recovery plan that she have planned out for you. I have been going for a while and my neck and back have felt better than before.

Benjamin Tan

The best chiropractor in Singapore! Thank you Doctor Bryan for totally healing my migraine which I had for many years. It is such a great relief! I didn’t want to keep taking pain killer to ease my migraine, so I did my research and found out the chiropractic adjustments can help address my issue. I decided to visit a EQUILIBRIO CHIROPRACTIC which has a great review. After the initial check up, I was advised to get my x-ray done, followed by chiropractic adjustments and decompression treatment at Equilibrio Clinic.
Time, effort and money spent are all worth it. Thanks again to Dr. Bryan and team for being so accommodating every visit. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Jen Jen
I was introduced by my friend to Dr. Bryan Chen at Feb 2017.
I was having back pain for a very long period of time. Dr. Bryan recommended me for Adjustment and Decompression Therapy due to my condition. Few sessions later I felt the pain got lessen, and much relieve on my lower back. Improvement was alit for me. In a nutshell, everything is good and I will continue to do my maintenance with Dr. Bryan.
1 year ago. Dr. Bryan came into AXA Insurance for a roadshow campaign. That’s how I met Dr. Bryan who helps to diagnose my neck pain issue.
After every adjustment, I could always feel much more relaxed and feeling much more rejuvenated. Neck is not as stiff as before.
Overall, feels very comfortable seeking treatment at equilibrio.
Serene Ng
I’ve been patient of Dr. Bryan since July 2015 and my quality of life because of the spine adjustment of Dr. Bryan been back into good condition. I highly recommend equilibrio Health for the good service and friendly stuff and most especially the treatment from Dr. Bryan.
Christine Solfelix

Dr. Bryan’s customized approach with suggested exercises and stretches to build up my core muscles has helped me strengthened my back quicker than I expected.

Tammy Lee

I came here 3 months ago. I was introduce by my friend, Shu Yee as she knows that I always having headache and she noticed that my right side shoulder’s bone is misalignment. After doing the treatment, my headache problem has been reduced.

Ching Shi Huan Sylvia
The treatment and recommendations are very focused and comfortable. Ambience is also very peaceful and nice.
Leong Min Cheng

The adjustment and treatment helps in correcting the slight misalignment of my hip. The decompression therapy helps to relax my spine and lower back muscles. This allows me to continue my physical activities without any hindrances.

Wee Euming

I have always enjoyed the visits to Dr Bryan, because Dr Bryan has been very pivotal in helping me to address the misalignment of my spine. Dr Bryan is always concern about my progress such as lower back pain and also migraine. These two conditions have since subsided ever since I started going for treatment the progress is remarkably fast and I am glad that I do not have any migraine as often as before. The staffs at the clinic never fail to make you happy or put a smile on your face. They are too concern about my progress. Their service is amazing. To end, I will encourage others who have back problem to come to this clinic for their treatment and enjoy the same wonderful experience that I went through. You’ll enjoy it!

Rahmal Zaenuden

I had very serious migraines and headaches I couldn’t work and would get irritable because of the migraine after session with Dr Bryan, my migraine were lessen and less painful. What a huge improvement in my life! Many thanks to the awesome team here!

Canolace Zhor

I have been under Dr Bryan Chen for the past 10 chiropractic treatment. He is communicative and knowledgeable. I am now experiencing fewer problems with my lower back and my headache has gone away.

I trust that Dr Bryan will be able to help me return to better health.

Eugene Chan

I came in with numbness which I have for about 20 years on both my hands. I went to see a GP and took some nerve pills but it didn’t work for me. I met Dr Bryan Chen during my company’s talk (NPARKS).

Dr Bryan sends me for xrays and he explained my condition. I got my first adjustment and I felt better usually both my hands feel cold but after the adjustment, I feel warmth in my hands and blood flowing down.

After a few adjustment, my numbness is lesser and tolerable. I am still undergoing my Chiropractic care and am confident that Dr Bryan can help me eliminate my discomfort!

Rohana Bte Mond Shaei

I have been under Dr Bryan Chen for the past 2 months my lower back problems is so much improved and felt better now. Past few weeks ago, I had a very bad headache after my flu, under his medical hand my headache had gone after the next day.

Thanks so much to Dr Bryan.

Lilian N Beetuar

My mum has scoliosis and was in a lot of pain, even experiencing burning sensation in her flesh. Dr Bryan diagnosed her with last stage degeneration and curated a therapy programme and strengthening exercise for her spine. Although my mum doesn’t speak English, Dr Bryan and his staff is always patient with her and make her comfortable on every visit. My mum’s condition improved tremendously after only a few visits. Seeing such improvements, she’s motivated to continue her treatment.

Thanks Dr Bryan and team!

Radiah Raheem

My back has persistently been feeling sore in these 1-2 years. However, after Dr Bryan’s treatment, my back feels more relaxed and not so tense anymore. I also feel more comfortable when sitting and standing as compared to before. Therefore I encourage people with back problems to experience treatment here.

Boo Chip Meng

My vertebrae have loosened up merely 2 sessions. Back muscles are now stronger and pain has lessened overtime.

Thank you Dr Bryan!

Suzanna N Wee

Having a bad pain on my leg due to slipdisc. Got introduce to Dr Bryan. Had 2 session so far and it help so much. Greatly recommended.

Jun Wen

Thanks to Dr Bryan & team for taking care my health.pOweR LA..

Anson Chew

Having grown up with a chiropractor as my father, I was very picky when it came to finding a chiropractor who met all my needs. Additionally, when I moved to Singapore I had been experiencing some neck problems and a shoulder injury that most doctors had trouble treating. I am so relieved to have found Dr. Bryan and his lovely staff. He has worked with me through the entire treatment and I am so happy to be Feeling well again. Dr. Bryan truly cares about the well being of his patients!

Hannah Vipond

For a long time, I have been suffering from lower back pain, neck pain and knee pain. After undergoing Dr. Bryan’s care, I feel so much better. Chances of stiff shoulder has also reduced and I have better sleep since his treatment. So far, I am happy with the progress. Thank you, Dr. Bryan!

Cathryn Hernandez

I highly recommend their chiropractic adjustment and decompression! I feel relieved after every session and Dr Bryan is a very experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor who consistently gives advice on improving my body posture. On top of that, the staff are very warm towards all the patients!

Yazid Aman
It all started as a common symptom of stiff neck. The kind of pain that never goes away. It was diagnosed as Cervical spondylitis with lost of normal curvature of my neck. I went through many treatments. Oral medications were prescribed by my cervical spine doctor, physiotherapist, physical therapist and TCM. These all provided me temporary relief and comfort but the pain never really went away nearly for 4 years. It is especially painful when I wake up in the morning. The pain and the clicking sounds from my neck caused a lot of worrying, discomfort and limitations to my daily activities and work. After trying chiropractor, with reasonable time of adjustment, with the healing hand of Dr. Bryan, now without taking any pills or patch, there is zero pain anymore. Thank you so much, Dr. Bryan! I thought there was no hope and only surgical procedure will correct my cervical neck and I will grow old enduring the pain and discomfort.
The front desk staff of Equilibrio was very friendly as well. Highly recommended to try and I can vouch it was really worth it!
Rolando Capistrano

Been tried many ways to relieve my lower back pain, and I must say that Dr Bryan is great, after several sessions, my lower back pain has improved a lot. Thank you Dr Bryan and team.

Yen Ng

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