Have you ever thought about how much we move in a day? From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, there are many small movements that can lead to joint pain. These everyday movements may not seem like they would cause any damage, but over time these motions can take a toll on your joints and make them feel stiff and sore:

7 Causes of Joint Pain

1. Carrying more than your body can handle

For starters, if you are carrying more than your body can handle most of the time, don’t forget to give yourself time to rest properly in between. Holding items too often causes less space between joints which reduces the ability to move freely. It could also result in muscle strain by preventing adequate circulation since blood pressure can’t be evenly distributed across one’s body when holding a heavy load like this.

Even if the load is light, carrying items for long periods may reduce your range of motion in these areas over time.

2. Sticking to high heels

The calf muscle also gets a lot of extra work when wearing heels. When your muscles are tense, it’s more likely that they’ll become more prone to injury and stiffer than usual.

Generally, the shoes you wear can have an impact on your posture. High heels force the back to arch and move forward, putting stress on discs in the lower spine. This position also shifts hips and you may find yourself leaning backward for balance. A better solution is to switch to flats or footwear with lower heels to decrease the pressure put on your forefoot and back.

3. Texting too much

Did you know the discomfort in your shoulders and neck can be caused by prolonged texting and the subsequent lack of movement? Shoulder joint pain, text neck and tendonitis are some of the common ailments that are a result of excessive phone usage. If you’re aware that you’ve spent too long texting, make it a point to take a break and stretch your fingers.

4. Slouching in your chair

Apart from texting, if you have been sitting all day, then there is a need to change up the type of activities you do. The problem is that we get used to having bad posture and sometimes forget that we can sit properly (e.g., by sitting up straight). Posture correction is crucial for healthy joints. Learn how to correct your posture and keep it that way without getting tired or having back pain by doing exercises for posture reversal.

5. Not getting enough activity

In a nutshell, it is important to incorporate movement throughout the day if you are sitting for long periods at work. Considering how much time we spend at work each day in front of a computer screen or desk, it’s important to take a break from our routine with some physical activity before returning back to work.

Your work is important, but so is your body. To get you started, we’ve previously covered some back stretches that can help incorporate physical activity into your daily schedule.

6. Not stretching

On the other hand, if you are already exercising regularly, do not forget to stretch beforehand. You need stretching every day to keep your joints healthy and pain-free. As such, remember to warm up before doing anything that involves your joints. This is a simple fix, but it must be done every time you exercise or perform some physical activity.

7. Tolerating the pain

Finally, if you have been dismissing pain in your joints along with other aches, it is not good for your body in the long haul, more so if it’s an ongoing problem. For the pain in your neck, lower back and other areas, consulting with a chiropractor can help you understand your condition better.

Start listening to your body and work towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For example, staying fit and active is an important part of improving your quality of life.

Reduce the Risk of Joint Pain

The good news is that by making some changes in your daily routine, such as standing instead of sitting for long periods of time or stretching out before bedtime, you can help relieve joint pain and stiffness associated with the above causes.

If any of these everyday movements might be causing your joint pain, a consultation with your local chiropractor in Singapore can help you improve your spinal alignment. Your chiropractor may also provide the appropriate treatment such as radial shockwave therapy and dry needling.


At the end of day, just remember the harmful effects of a “text neck” and keep your neck healthy with these simple tips. They can surly improve your neck and spine health and overall quality of life.


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