We Provide Complimentary Corporate Spinal Health Screening

At Equilibrio Chiropractic, we see office related chronic injuries all the time, and this is can affect the productivity to both the Employer and the Employees themselves. Our COMPLIMENTARY corporate spinal health screening is aimed to educate the public about the importance of spinal health and how to avoid chronic repetitive injuries at the work place. We also work with other medical screening laboratory so that not only the ergonomics but other aspect of the health can also be covered.

Our Health screening talk can consist of the followings:

  1. Spinal health screening and/or General health screening
  2. 20min-30min of Spinal talk presentation
  3. Personalised Postural Analysis for each participants
  4. One-on-One Postural screening with our chiropractors

Our Past corporate clients include UltraCleanTechnology, Performances-Motor, Hertz, and SPH…etc.

Please leave your details with us below and our friendly staffs will contact you for the screening.

Let the Health Journey Begin!!

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