Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increasing need to keep ourselves active rather than staying stuck at home. It is no wonder that recreational cycling has recently become more popular in Singapore. If you just hopped on this trend yourself, you may be in the midst of finding the most comfortable position to cycle at ease. However, it is important to take note that while cycling is a low-impact sport, there are some injuries that are common for cyclists as a result of improper techniques or overuse. You may find yourself seeking treatment for your lower back pain and more as it gets worse.

The right bike fit varies for different individuals and if you are new to cycling, it comes as no surprise when you wake up to the following aches:

3 Cycling-Associated Pains and Aches

1. Neck pain

Neck pain is the first sign that you are improperly positioned on your bicycle. As cycling already puts your head in a forward head position, low handlebars would force you to reach even farther. Due to the height and length of the handlebars, it puts you in an awkward position while cycling for a long period of time. You may almost immediately feel fatigued around your neck area. Other problems that can contribute to your neck pain include the size of your frame and the length of the bicycle stem.

You can start by making minor adjustments to your bike and see if there’s any improvement. In the meantime, building on your neck strength can take you one step closer to avoiding further injury while cycling.

Lower Back Pain

2. Lower back pain

If you have been forcing yourself into an uncomfortable cycling form, it can take a toll on your lower back as well. As your back stays flexed and hunched forward, it could be a result of the time spent bent over the handlebars. Cycling also requires core strength and if it is weak, your body uses other muscles to make up for it. Yes, this means that your lower back will have to compensate. Our day-to-day activities such as lifting heavy items and sitting for long hours at the desk can further aggravate the condition.

As it is common for new cyclists to experience soreness due to lack of strength, working on your core strength and endurance can help you make the most out of your cycling activity. Take a look at some of these exercises to build on your mid-back posture and core.

3. Tight hip flexors

While your legs are most active during pedalling, the weight of your upper body is essentially supported by the hips. With a poor bike fit, it demands more energy from your legs. Without realising, you could be overworking your hip muscles. On top of that, your hip flexors play an important role in the knee movement towards your abdomen, also known as hip flexion. After remaining in a fixed position for hours during cycling, your hip flexors will feel tight as a result.

To increase your range of movement while cycling, ensure that your handlebars, saddle and cleats are positioned properly. Additionally, beyond the usual seated position, you can also explore standing pedalling as you become more familiar with cycling.

Cycling in a Nutshell

The soreness in your body may be a passing phase as you become a better cyclist. Feeling some muscle burn after cycling is expected but mistaking prolonged pain for it can do more harm to your body. If the pain persists, it is wise to get it checked by a chiropractor. For neck pain, tight hip flexors, lower back pain and more ailments, chiropractic care can provide focused treatment on the areas that ache and accelerate your body’s healing process. With Equilibrio Chiropractic, don’t let these ailments prevent you from fully enjoying your newfound hobby.



At the end of day, just remember the harmful effects of a “text neck” and keep your neck healthy with these simple tips. They can surly improve your neck and spine health and overall quality of life.


1 year ago. Dr. Bryan came into AXA Insurance for a roadshow campaign. That’s how I met Dr. Bryan who helps to diagnose my neck pain issue.
After every adjustment, I could always feel much more relaxed and feeling much more rejuvenated. Neck is not as stiff as before.
Overall, feels very comfortable seeking treatment at equilibrio.

Serene Ng

I’ve been patient of Dr. Bryan since July 2015 and my quality of life because of the spine adjustment of Dr. Bryan been back into good condition. I highly recommend equilibrio Health for the good service and friendly stuff and most especially the treatment from Dr. Bryan.

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